8''x8'', oil on gessoboard

Still struggling to paint between chauffeuring duties, name-tape sewing and supermarket runs.  Managed to get this one done before anyone woke up – well, lunchtime!  At least they’re not little and up at 6am anymore…………aaw, will miss them when they’re gone.


Cherries and chocolate

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard - SOLD

Here’s a flat-warming gift for my god-daughter Jess.  To explain, this is a memory of our holiday in Turkey.  Catering for the eleven-strong villa occupants took the form of a nightly ‘come-dine-with-me’ competition.  When it came to ”the mums” team we thought we’d crack dessert and entertainment in one so we filled a bowl with cherries and made a chocolate dipping sauce.  As with a good port, the offering was passed to the left.  However, cherries were not allowed to be dipped unless the ”dipper” could come up with the name of a band/recording artist beginning with the letter ”B”.  This may sound easy but since we’d been on ”B” for three days, memory-banks had been exhausted.  It’s a very long-winded and frustrating game first played with friends on another holiday.  I’m still opening emails on a daily basis which might read:  “Booker T and the MGs!  So there”.   So, an insight into the banal nonsense I get up to on holiday.  Incidentally, the angle of the bar on top isn’t necessarily inaccuracy –  just lack of willpower.

In the post Jess.xx

Mushrooms and knife

With all the bad stuff that’s going on in the world at the moment, it’s quite nice to hide away in my studio, sticking my head in the sand and paint some mushrooms.  Mushrooms are such simple creatures…………….why can’t people be more like mushrooms?  Anyway, this little still life brought a bit of serenity to my day, hope it does to yours.  If you’re in the UK, have a great bank holiday weekend……………it’s rained here all day – doesn’t bode well!

Basil in Spanish tin

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard - SOLD

Here it is finished.  Phew.


unfinished painting

8''x8'' oil on gessoboard

Here is the beginning of the tin from Spain!  It is waiting to dry since I didn’t have time to do it all in one sitting, in order to be finished.  As I’d eaten the tomatoes in order to get the tin on the plane, I filled it with some basil.  I will post the finished result when its done.

It’s been such a busy summer – am hoping to get back up to speed in a week or two.  I think mums must be given a certain amount of flexibility in their commitment!!

Pomegranate and bowl

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard - SOLD

I’ve had this little Japanese bowl for a long time and wanted something blue to offset the orange of the pomegranate.  It’s quite a warm blue and also quite a low-key colour so I think it worked ok.  I didn’t get to paint the inside of the pomegranate which was my next plan as I pinched it to use in a lamb pilaf, sprinkling the little jewels over the top.  The contrast with the corriander made it a work of art in itself.  I think my ”pomegranate period” might be over for a while.


Well I so loved the Alhambra palace on my trip to Granada that I was inspired to paint these pomegranates (since they are the symbol of Granada).  In fact, the city too is soooooo beautiful but the icing on the cake has to be the gardens of the Alhambra…………….if you get a chance to go – go!  These babies are actually from Waitrose……………what can I say?  There’s only so much luggage allowance and frankly, I wasn’t going to risk a burst pomegranate on my smalls.

Apricots again

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard - SOLD

Well, I rejigged it regarding the tone and then decided I actually did like the mug so have left it in.  I’m really, really missing those fresh apricots we ate in Turkey but the good news is we have a new farm shop down the road with all sorts of locally-sourced produce………….yippee!


8''x8'' oil on gessoboard - SOLD

Now this is definitely seasonal and straight from my garden.  I grow my beetroot in old crates outside the kitchen and they seem to like it there.  I often use the leaves in salad and I just love beetroot with goat’s cheese.  I heard yesterday of someone putting it in bolognaise sauce – this I have to try!



8''x8'' oil on gessoboard - SOLD

Using the old colour theory of primary+opposing secondary, I decided a blue pot was required for these apricots.  Then I found the enamel mug and thought that might do too but in retrospect, it was an unnecessary and unhelpful addition.  Also, I can see now that the tonal value on the apricots needs to be stronger.  I will make amends and repost!   Oh well, you live and learn.  Back from holiday now so will hopefully be less erratic in my posts.  There were some absolutely gorgeous apricots in Turkey but these are from the vegetable stall here!