Cherries and chocolate

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard - SOLD

Here’s a flat-warming gift for my god-daughter Jess.  To explain, this is a memory of our holiday in Turkey.  Catering for the eleven-strong villa occupants took the form of a nightly ‘come-dine-with-me’ competition.  When it came to ”the mums” team we thought we’d crack dessert and entertainment in one so we filled a bowl with cherries and made a chocolate dipping sauce.  As with a good port, the offering was passed to the left.  However, cherries were not allowed to be dipped unless the ”dipper” could come up with the name of a band/recording artist beginning with the letter ”B”.  This may sound easy but since we’d been on ”B” for three days, memory-banks had been exhausted.  It’s a very long-winded and frustrating game first played with friends on another holiday.  I’m still opening emails on a daily basis which might read:  “Booker T and the MGs!  So there”.   So, an insight into the banal nonsense I get up to on holiday.  Incidentally, the angle of the bar on top isn’t necessarily inaccuracy –  just lack of willpower.

In the post Jess.xx

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