8''x8'', oil on gessoboard, SOLD

I seem to have lots of grapes left over from Christmas as well as stilton which is stinking my fridge out.  Hopefully, come next week when everyone is back to their various haunts, I can paint the stilton……..unless it gets eaten first.

Cherries and rice bowl

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard, SOLD

Christmas is still going on in our house so, in the words of Valerie Singleton, here’s one I made earlier.

Peeled clementine 2

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard, SOLD

Here’s mark 2.  I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a joyful, productive and fun New Year.  I hope you will continue with me on my journey in 2012.  I will be back after a few days of fun and festivities.


Peeled clementine 1

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard, SOLD

I’ve still got the clementines and still got the cadmiums.  Halls are decked, mince pies in the freezer and Christmas cards strung up in the kitchen.  It’s all having a detrimental effect on my output though.  I should be back up to speed once next week is over.

Cranberries and wallpaper

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard - SOLD

Painted the picture,  made the sauce, in the freezer – job done.  I shall be spending the afternoon in my usual state of indecision over when to buy all provisions for next week.  I’m keen to avoid a repeat of a few years ago when I left it until Christmas eve and was found in a busy aisle of a large supermarket virtually blubbing “I’ve lost my trolley”.  You said it madam.  There’s a lot to be said for self-sufficient living as there is for frugality.





Pomegranate half

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard

So, lots of response to my cry for help regarding pomegranates.  It seems the best thing to do is add it to the turkey stuffing………if they last that long.  Nigella’s pomegranate mountain came a close second but I’m not sure I could compete with her suggestive folding of meringue.  She seems to have lost weight bless her  – something that doesn’t generally come with eating meringue mountains.  Good for her – not sure I could do it surrounded by food as she always is.  My willpower was surgically removed at birth.


Pomegranates and bowl


8''x8''', oil on gessoboard, SOLD

These have been in my fruit bowl for a while now and frankly, other than sprinkling them on salads, I have no idea what to do with them.  Any ideas?


Clementines and bowl

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard, SOLD

I did warn you that I would be using a lot of reds and yellows!  Here’s another clementine painting to make you look forward to Christmas.  Speaking of which, we have been a hive of industry here today with me painting and my daughter making garlands for the house……….hmm………just need carols on the radio and a glass of mulled wine.

Flat iron and linen

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard - SOLD

This old iron is going to feature in paintings a lot, I can tell.  The painting of the cherries was won today by somebody in St.Ives.  I have emailed her to let her know.


Christmas clementines

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard, SOLD

I loved the colour of this box left over from a lovely gift and thought it worked well with the fruit.  There could be a few clementine pictures coming up as I’m really enjoying the consistency of cadmium yellow and cadmium red.