Hyacinth in jam jar

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard

Whoops sorry, technical glitch……that’s better.


Hyacinth in a jam jar

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard

At last – some sunshine!  Not a moment too soon either.  Yesterday I spent on the edge of a hockey pitch (watching) in torrential rain and was soaked to the skin – we could have done with a little of this sun then.  The dog was really happy today to get a decent walk.  For the past week he’s been turning his nose up at the prospect and I haven’t wanted to argue the point with him.   So, the hyacinthfest continues but this is the last.  The paint was still wet when I photographed it which is why it looks streaky.

Please contact me by email if you wish to purchase this painting.

Hyacinth and wallpaper

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard

More hyacinths and more rain.  Another dreary day but when the sun does come out you get that brilliant contrast between the bright yellow of the rape fields and the dark blue/grey of the clouds – fantastic.  I sent away for this poptastic piece of 60’s wallpaper.  I’m sure I had something similar in my bedroom as a child.

Mangosteens and jar

8”x8”, oil on gessoboard – SOLD

All this rain  has made me dig into my memory bank and thoughts of sunshine and Cambodia.  So, I thought I’d paint up one of my mangosteen sketches.  If you’ve never eaten one of these wonderful things, you need to try one.  They look like a garlic head inside but taste like……………hmm, well nothing else really.  Something and cream but not sure what.  Delicious.


Hyacinths in enamel jug

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard - SOLD

The whole bunch.   The trouble with hyacinths is, they drop in the sunlight but I love them anyway.   A very wet and windy day today and two of my beloved old terracotta pots blew off the garden wall and smashed – I had them in mind for a painting too!


Hyacinths in a jug

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard, SOLD

I’ve got a headache from the sweet heady perfume of these flowers pervading my tiny studio today.  It’s a beautiful scent but  sooo strong.  Anyway, it’s away with the yellow paint and out with the blue for now!  Not much else happening in my day other than  painting but out for a Thai dinner with my son this evening who is celebrating his birthday today by revising for finals…….what fun.  Tom Kha Gai  (Chicken coconut soup) for me I think, poured uncouthly over some steamed rice – it does pass for acceptable table manners in Thailand if not here.

HP sauce and cornishware II

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard, SOLD

This is not the same painting, it’s just a larger version of the same set-up as I really enjoyed doing it.   I am really wanting to get outside to paint in this glorious sunshine but have a few commissions to finish.  I’m also working hard in anticipation of the Untitled Art Fair at the beginning of June in Chelsea Town Hall.  More details on that to follow and I hope some of you will be able to come along.  It’s the weekend of the Jubilee so lots of you may be in London.

HP sauce and cornishware

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard-SOLD

It must be the forthcoming jubilee…………..I’m feeling very red, white and blue – all so patriotic.   Naturally, my thoughts turn to HP sauce.  Disgusting stuff in my opinion but each to their own and I love the bottle – iconic British.

No post yesterday due to the fact that I was in London admiring (greatly) the Lucien Freud exhibition.  Completely the wrong venue in my opinion though.  Those little rooms at the NP Gallery do not lend themselves to a blockbuster – you need sharp elbows if you’re going.  My, aren’t I opinionated today!

Tete a tete in a stone jar

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard, SOLD

These little chaps were from a pot I’d had indoors.  They have gone out into the garden now for next year.

Daffs in cornishware

8''x8'', oil on gessboard, SOLD

Here’s the last of the daffodils (almost) while the mangosteens dry.  I have been hard at it painting them and have a few commissions to do next.  It’s been such a beautiful day with big black clouds in the sunshine that I’ve really wanted to get out to paint but will try later in the week weather permitting.