Cox’s apples on canvas

oil on canvas, 70cmx35cm

Not much painting happening today.  Instead, I am surrounded by tools, tape, bubble wrap and picture wire in a bid to get everything packed up for London.  Here is one of the larger paintings on canvas that will be showing.  I won’t be posting now until after the Jubilee as I’m heading up to London tomorrow.  I’m hoping to get a glimpse of the pageant whilst I’m there.   Don’t forget, by signing up for my blog, you will be in with a chance of winning the strawberries. Have a happy long holiday weekend.

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard, NFS

Swan Vestas

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard

I’m not sure what my thinking was here………… just really getting into all things British what with the upcoming events and all that.  Are Swan Vestas British??  Anyway, that and the vintage wallpaper theme again.  I’ve just got home from a roundtrip to Suffolk to pick up some paintings to go into the show at Chelsea Old Town Hall next weekend.  Am getting a bit panicky about road-closures etc. and even more panicky about missing out on the festivities being in the hall all Sunday afternoon yet not a stone’s throw from the river.  I have visions of strapping a tranny to my ear as my father and half of England did in 1966 when England were in the World Cup Final.

I have added another feature to the website.  I now have greetings cards available which can be found on the menu at the top of the website homepage.   Please have a look.


8''x8'', oil on gessoboard, SOLD

Only an antipodean would like this stuff, so this was a birthday present for an Australian friend.   You either love it or hate it and this is definitely a hate thing for me……… Marmite, that’s another story.  Guess you have to be from the southern hemisphere to appreciate it.

Pink peonies

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard-SOLD

Phew, it’s hot!  But that isn’t a complaint.   Firstborn is unearthing the barbeque as we speak and then it’s on with the chops.  We’ve just also unearthed the garden furniture which, although being under wraps all winter, seems to have grown something horrid on the corners so that needs a scrub.  Busy, busy, busy.   Now,  where did I put that scourer? More to the point, where did I put that glass of wine?

Anyway, here are some pink peonies that spoke to me.  These raspberry ripple- type jobs seem a little bit ”garage flowers” but they’re fun to paint.   Don’t forget to sign up if you want to win the strawberries.


White peony

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard-SOLD

The first of the peonies.   A florist in town kindly found these at the market for me.  They are my all time favourite flower………….or did I say that about Frangipani recently………….or maybe lilac…….or


Blogiversary and strawberries

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard, NFS

Today is the one-year anniversary of my blogging history!!  Yip, yip………I made it.  I’ve been daily painting for longer than that but started the blog this time last year.  Sometimes, it’s been hard to think of something to write but it’s all about the painting and the discipline has been really good for me.  I intend to carry on until such time as I start to go mad…………….could be quite soon.

To celebrate, I am giving away today’s painting to a subscriber who will be chosen at random on June 10th.  If you’re not signed up, please do so, it will encourage me to carry on.  It’s very easy and you can unsubscribe anytime.  Your details will not be passed on to any third party so …………….go on, press the button – you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Pears and wallpaper

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard

I’ve been painting peonies all day, which was a joy as I love them.  It’s just as well that I had such a captivating subject as the temptation to sit in the sunshine  (a rarity) instead has been great.  I will post them tomorrow as the paint is still wet!  In the meantime, the last of the pears – I like to get full use from my sitters.

Tomorrow is a year’s anniversary of my first blog.  The daily painting has been going longer but the blogiversary is tomorrow………….I may be feeling in a celebratory and generous mood.

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Cornishware mugs

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard, SOLD

Another stack of mugs.  Sadly, I just can’t stop painting them and I often use them as a ”warm up” when I’ve had a few days off……….which I have.   I spent Friday doing a lot of admin, Saturday delivering cards and Sunday………well, Sunday is a day of rest.   So, today I awoke bright and breezy and started back in earnest having heard that the sun is coming out tomorrow and knowing full well that this means I’ll be ”popping into the garden for some fresh air” every five minutes.  Not conducive to concentration.

I’m very excited about this evening.  A night out I hear you ask?  No, just watching the concluding episode of The Bridge which I recorded on Saturday.   That’s a bit sad I’ll admit but in my opinion life doesn’t get much better than a glass of SB and a Swedish detective series…………..”Jo”.

Pears in a bowl


8''x8'', oil on gessoboard

It’s been a funny old morning of procrastination.  I started a painting, emptied the dishwasher, painted a bit more, emptied the tumble-dryer, painted a bit more, made some phonecalls………….and so it’s gone on.  The end result is,  sadly,  an unfinished painting and no will to do so.  It happens sometimes and normally I just push through (because after all, this is supposed to be a discipline) but I know that I won’t like what I end up with so I’m going to have a cup of tea with a pal instead!  Some days you eat the bear and some days the bear eats you.  That was a line from a song in my youth but I’m blowed if I can remember who by……………answers on a postcard please.

Anyway, here’s one I did earlier.  Yes, yes, I can actually remember who said that.

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Pears in a soupdish

There’s nothing much in the garden to paint after the tulips blew off their stalks.   Some lovely lilac which I

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard

did this morning but the paint’s still wet.  Here are some pears that I did a few weeks ago.  This one is at the Spirit of Summer Fair on stand E5 near the entrance.

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