English figs and cup

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard

The same two figs and a Japanese cup.  Sadly, they are on their way out having put made a valiant effort to remain in tact long enough for me to paint them twice.  Thanks figs.  Oh dear, now I’m talking to figs.

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English figs

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard

When I say English figs, I mean they were lovingly nurtured in a friend’s garden in England.  She kept them safe from wind and rain for me as best she could given the awful summer.   One of them got away but two remained.  Thanks Mel.

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8''x8'', oil on gessoboard-SOLD

Here’s a lilac that I forgot to post at the time.  As you can probably guess, I have been busy with family things – school holidays play havoc with the daily painting regime.  I  am away next week for a few days but more on that when I return.  Have a lovely bank holiday.

Sunflower in a baked beans tin

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard

I’ve decided I like this tin even better than the Colman’s tin – not being a fan of baked beans,  I had to serve them up to an unsuspecting husband.   I have since washed and put away the tin for future paintings so that I don’t have to eat any baked beans.  There’s a limit to what I will do for my art.

Sunflower in a mustard tin

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard

I’m not sure Van Gogh would approve but to me, it seemed the perfect receptacle.  Off this afternoon to do the second-worst errand in the history of motherhood – school shoes.  This entails going into battle at Clark’s in order to find something my mother would have described as “serviceable” whilst  trying to fend off attempts to get me into Top Shop – not for the faint-hearted.

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Redcurrants on a plate

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard - SOLD

Redcurrants seem to have done well this year even if nothing much else has.  I seem to be really busy catching up since being away last week and have a long to-do list.  The concrete base for my new studio was poured yesterday which is an exciting stage.  It was immediately requisitioned as a sun-deck and I came down this morning to find the sun-loungers on it!!  I may have a fight on my hands if I want any walls to this studio.  Perhaps when autumn approaches I’ll be allowed some.


Redcurrants on a shelf

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard

Well………….we’re back from Cumbria and the intrepid walkers made it to the top of Helvellyn.  Despite being drenched with rain and blasted by high winds on Striding Edge (glad I didn’t witness that!!) they reached the top in glorious sunshine.  Anyway, well done them.  Being left drinking tea at the bottom was fairly hairy too although they took some convincing of that.  So……… back to the drawing board and redcurrants today.

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Coronation mug stack

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard - SOLD

Possibly the last of the coronation mug paintings as the olympics come to an end along with the patriotic fervour.  I am off to Cumbria for the next week so no posts unless I can get access to some wifi, we’ll have to see.  The object of the trip, apart from seeing family, is for my daughter , my husband and my octogenarian mother-in-law to climb Hellvelyn to raise funds for a school trip/donation to a charity in South Africa.  I shall be taking my life in my own hands by sitting at the bottom with a sketchbook and flask.  Sometimes I just don’t know where my boundless energy comes from.



Gooseberries on a shelf

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard

What a corker today has turned out to be.  Scorrchio as they say in Spain!  A little painting this morning and a trip out to Stowe for a late lunch and a stroll around the gardens and now I don’t know whether to do the ironing or sit in the garden………..hmm.  Tough one.

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8”x8”, oil on gessoboard-SOLD

I have to say, I’m not that keen on gooseberries unless they’re mushed up in something.  It’s to do with the hairy skin I think.  Anyway, they’re nice to paint if nothing else and were snaffled from my friend’s garden.