Mustard and shallots

8”x8”, oil on gessoboard

Ok, that’s enough snow now thanks.  It appears to be falling again here and it’s not funny any more.  Meanwhile, I’ve been working on the pheasant and it should be finished by the end of the week when I’ll photograph and post it.  I also managed this Dijon mustard jar and some shallots that were lurking in the studio this morning.   I watched the last two episodes of Borgen last night that I’d recorded on Saturday.  Love this programme but can’t work out how a Prime Minister can live in such a relatively small house and furnished from Ikea at that.  Is that Scandinavian socialism at its best or the economic downturn…..hmm, maybe Dave needs to tune in.

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  1. Sonia
    Sonia says:

    you are so much more focussed than I am, I admire your stamina! I’m a fan of Borgen too, well all things Scandinavian really – love Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway! Re-the house – they are very practical people aren’t they! Thanks for the link re-printer, Chay is getting some cards printed there.


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