Tulips from Amsterdam

PrinzengrachtI have fallen headoverheels with Amsterdam. Wonderful canals, architecture, parks, people and food. And here are some pics to prove it
And…..some tulips. Happy Easter

8"x8" oil on gessobiard

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard-SOLD


Spotted Jar and Garlic

I found this little jar in an antiques centre, cute isn’t it? This is my only post this week as I am off to Amsterdam tomorrow until the weekend. No doubt I will be inspired by tulips, cheese or………hmm, snow?

8"x8", oil on gessoboard

8″x8″, oil on gessoboard – SOLD

Have a great week and a very happy Easter. On the subject of which, I did start out the day painting a creme egg but it didn’t go very well and I felt compelled to get rid of the evidence.


Garlic trio

8"x8", oil on gessoboard

8″x8″, oil on gessoboard

I felt the need for a break from oranges and snowdrops. I had a day off today and went to the shops, a depressing venture that ended in a sulk and a salmon and cream cheese bagel. That’s torn it. Have a good weekend

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8"x8", oil on gessoboard

8″x8″, oil on gessoboard

Last of them before they are consigned to the fruit bowl.

Mandarins and Japanese bowl


8″x8″, oil on gessoboard – SOLD

Another one because this bowl is only on loan, it’s handmade Japanese. Feel like making bread today having watched Paul Hollywood kneading his bloomers in slow-mo last night. Just wondering if that bread oven doubles up as a sunbed…..hmm.

Mandarins and bowl

8"x8", oil on gessoboard - SOLD

8″x8″, oil on gessoboard – SOLD

After blizzards yesterday I have been for a long walk with Bubba in the spring sunshine today. He thought it very amusing to chat up the builders working on a house in the village, in the hopes of begging some sandwich. He’s since gone on a sleepover with Jobbers to Kirkby Lonsdale so I have some respite this evening from the constant nose-nudging and fight for the armchair……from Bubba.

Cornishware jars

Raining again! Weekend starts here. Thai meal tonight, yummy. Chores tomorrow…..boo hiss. Maybe I’ll just let the house fester and go in the studio.

8x8" oil on gessoboard

8×8″ oil on gessoboard-SOLD


Garlic and wallpaper

Spring sunshine today at last. Lambs bleating behind the studio, washing on the line, just need it to warm up now. Did a painting this morning and then went for a long, leisurely girls’ lunch. Delicious organic lamb, so delicious I ordered one for the freezer! That bleating is giving me pangs of guilt now.

8″ x 8″, oil on Gessoboard

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Tete-a-tete in milk bottle

Love these little chaps. Great to see the sun today, maybe I’ll get outside to paint tomorrow.

8" x 8"' oil on gessoboard

8″ x 8″‘ oil on gessoboard

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I’m back from the smoke! Had a wonderful week on the portrait workshop at LARA (www.drawpaintsculpt) under the tutelage of the amazing Luca Indracollo. If you fancy an Atelier style school, this is the one, have a look. Anyway, here’s what I did with my 30 hours.

Portrait, Oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches

Portrait, Oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches

Diana the Model

Diana the Model

I had a busy day yesterday packing up cards for shops. My kitchen looked like a factory assembly line. Think I’ll get myself a white hairnet. Painting today but its still wet.