Norfolk Broads

Packed up again, paintings framed and left for exhibition. Just leaving Norfolk “a Brush with the Broads” great fun. Mad dash to Gatwick for flight to Venice with Haidee-Jo Summers for more plein-air painting and perhaps a little George-spotting if he’s still there! Have a great week, I certainly will!

Horsey windpump

Horsey windpump

Nickeling staithe

Nickeling staithe


I have to admit to pilfering these from my mother-in-laws bowl of homegrown onions in her kitchen….shameless! The things I do in the name of painting. Anyway, the framing is all done so I’m ready and able to start my travels tomorrow. Firstly, I’m off to Britains first 4 day plein-air paint out in the Norfolk Broads, aptly named A Brush with the Broads and from there I am off to Venice to paint more canals but of a slightly different type. The Venice leg is courtesy of the lovely Mo Teeuw who recently broke her ankle whilst teaching in France. Check out her blog for hilarious tales of her adventures at and thanks Mo for the opportunity – rest up and keep smiling. I hope to blog from Norfolk and Venice but it’s as ever dependant on my IT skills….oh dear.

Onions 1475

8×8″ oil on gessoboard

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Busy framing!

Busy framing!

Pakistan plums in a bowl

Two days without doing a daily. It feels a bit like skipping the gym, not that I go to one, but if I did…… So, more framing, board painting and admin. A bit of a bore when the sun is out and the colours in the fields and trees are so rich but come Thursday, I’ll be out painting. Patience, patience. This one is a larger painting which is waiting to go in a freshly painted frame.

10x12" oil on gessoboard

10×12″ oil on gessoboard


I painted this at Silverstone on Saturday as part Of our art trail demos. It was lovely to meet so many visitors. Busy, busy this week, varnishing, framing and getting ready for Brush with the Broads, a four-day paint-out in Norfolk starting on Thursday followed by an unexpected trip to paint in Venice….so looking forward to both! Will keep you posted…literally.

1472 apples

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard

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Three figs

Waste not, want not. Off the stand and into a salad for later. I’m at Rookery Farm Studio in the morning for last weekend of Art Trail. Hope to see you there. Have a great weekend.
Excuse photo….wet paint!

#1471 three figs

8″x8″oil on gessoboard

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Huge apologies….and some figs

I have a huge apology to make. It has just become apparent to me that some of you have been emailing me at but the messages were not getting through. I’ve read so many lovely messages and oh dear, a couple of persistent ones so I apologise if I have not replied/auctioned a request – especially to Christopher who left a phone message but unfortunately not an email address – please let me know if you get a result, so sorry! So I will deal with them all and if you’d like to contact me in future and get no response, try and I promise to work on joining the 21st century with a little more accuracy. (Definitely not apologising to the email offering me a penis enlargement…..hmmm. Flaw in the plan there!).

Figs and wallpaper

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard-SOLD

Figs and bowl 2

I’ve been painting at the Studio at Rookery Far, Silverstone today for the Art Trail week. Lots of lovely visitors and artists for company so come on down, it’s this week only.

Figs and bowl 2 #1466

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard-SOLD

Art trail week

Art trail week

Figs in a bowl 1

Right then, back to the easel after a hectic weekend. The South Northants Art Trail is having it’s first ever exhibition week this week since Open Studios dissolved. My work and that of many others can be seen at Sue Rudlands lovely studio at Rookery Farm, Silverstone. See for details. Will be painting there tomorrow, Friday and Saturday mornings and would welcome some company!

8"x8" oil on gessoboard-SOLD

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard-SOLD

Kirkby Lonsdale plein-air

Forgive my lack if communication but I’ve been ooop north on family matters. I did manage to grab a few hours painting on The Brow overlooking Ruskins View, painted by Turner and named such as it prompted John Ruskin to say; “‘I do not know, in all my own country, still less in France or Italy, a place more naturally divine.” And you know what, he was right. Still, it having been painted so beautifully by Timothy Spall, sorry JM Turner, it was difficult to do it justice and besides, something else was catching my eye….the cemetery gates to my left where a shaft of light was spilling through and hitting the top if the wall. Anyway, I turned my attention to that and had a lovely afternoon, very sociable because they’re reeet proper friendly oop there tha knows.

Cemetery gates 10x12

Cemetery gates 10×12

Have a great weekend!

Plums in a row

Yep….more plums. What a wonderful Indian summer we’re having. Jobbers and I were just perusing the estate (it doesnt take long!) and noticed that yes, we have no apples. Weird. No bees? What’s going on? Anyway, a busy day with lots of baking for an upcoming birthday lunch. Guess what….plum tarts.

Four blue plums

8″x6″ oil on gessoboard

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