Swat valley peaches

1612 swat valley peaches

5″x8″ oil on gessoboard

Marvellous….I land home and it starts raining. Hey ho. Had to spend the day tidying the studio as I had dumped everything in there after shows and prior to flying out. I painted these peaches in Pakistan. They taste like heaven and cheered up my morning yoghurt no end.
No posts for a couple of weeks so enjoy the peace!
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Apricots and blue cup

No painting today as busy packing for home….again. Also, two weeks of wedding fever await as we have a family wedding coming up – shouldn’t think I’ll have much time at the easel. See you when it’s all over and I have a lovely, brand new daughter-in-law 🙂

Oil on gessoboard-SOLD

Oil on gessoboard-SOLD

Plums and layers

1611 plums and layers

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard-SOLD

Here’s a bit of an insight into my painting process.
Most days I get up raring to get to the easel. Some days……I don’t. Today was such a day. I’m tired, it’s a public holiday, the sun is shining, a great day to sit by the pool AND I’ve got a good book on the go. Does it really matter if I don’t paint these plums?! I spend a lot of time procrastinating inbetween mark-making; making tea, on FB, checking emails, hanging out washing, writing extended posts (!).
However, a day such as this is a good day to push. I’ve started out in a lacksadasical manner, not quite bothering with a clean palette nor mixing colours in advance, breaking all my rules and generally heading for self-induced dissapointment.
The reason I paint each morning can be any one of the following (or all sometimes). 1. As a warm-up, like in a gym class. 2. To explore something I discovered about tones/colours in the last paintng. 3. Just to ‘churn one out’ to honour my pledge or I need work to show (not to be recommended). 4. To try a little something new in composition or method.
Number four rarely happens. I get caught up in my usual format and before you know it, it’s done and I haven’t remembered whatever it was I wanted to change. Then I feel as though I’ve lost a day even if I like the result. So, as you probably know I have a real thing about chipped paint and torn wallpaper which often makes its way into larger paintings. I haven’t ever done layers of old wallpaper though which is what interests me so I tried it out today. Not an entirely wasted day – it’s a start. Constructive criticism welcome.

Cherries in a dessert dish

Eid Mubarak! After a long holiday weekend, although it’s still going, have decided I need to get back to the easel. Enough of this frivolity. Cherries are everywhere here and come beautifully boxed to save on bruises. Shame. I love painting bruises.

1610 cherries in a dessert dish

8″x8″ Oil on gessoboard-SOLD

I call this one "cherries on a filthy work top! "

I call this one “cherries on a filthy work top! “

Cherries like a car

This was a painting I had up on the wall at Childwickbury. I was happy with it until an astute little visitor to my stand pointed it out as his favourite “because it looks like a car”. Guess he’s not wrong, too much symmetry. Anyway, someone liked it enough to buy it! Note to self, remember the odd numbers rule.

1591 cherries on a shelf

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard-SOLD

Blush noisette

This profuse rose grows over two separate supports in the garden at Chapel Cottage. Annoyingly, not being there to dead-head, it will probably have given up the ghost by the time I get back. This will have to do.

1609 blush noisette

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard-SOLD

Old English Marmalade

I still seem to have paintings that I haven’t yet posted. I must have had a very hardworking month last month! Here’s some marmalade which was a joy to paint on a rainy summer day. Not so here, the sun has come out at last but I’ve been at the easel all day and hardly noticed it.

1608 old English marmalade

8″x8″ Oil on gessoboard


Peonies 3

The last of the peonies sadly. I really enjoyed them this year and wish the season were longer. Here in Pakistan it’s hot, hot, hot but quite a bit of rain coming and going. The shops are full of mangoes, cherries, peaches and apricots. That should keep me busy next week! Have a great weekend.

1607 peonies 3

8″x5″ oil on gessoboard

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Peonies 2

Well it’s chucking it down here in Pakistan so no lounging at the pool as I’d planned today…drat! Time to get the paints out. Here’s one I did in sunny UK last month. I’m pleased to note I’ve loosened up considerably since last years peonies which is the whole idea behind this daily painting project. Practice, practice….always pays off. I do wish they’d grow here but surprisingly, the choice of cut flowers is limited. Namely to turquoise-dyed gladioli and tight rosebuds.

Peonies 2

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard-SOLD

Peonies 1

What an exhausting but wonderful weekend at Childwickbury. Lots of familiar faces and lovely new people to meet. One of my lovely bloggees turned up with these gorgeous redcurrants to paint. She also very kindly offered me supper and a bed….how kind people are!

Sold from the easel. Redcurrants in freezer!

Sold from the easel. Redcurrants in freezer!

Sadly, I had to get back home to my Grand Prix B&B guests. Never let the grass grow! Another brought me this lovely frame to see that he’d made for one of my paintings that he owns. So clever! We’re going to get some more made so let me know if you’d like one. They are designed so that the painting “floats” inside the frame…..funky!
Floating frame

Floating frame

I Also caught up with lovely Rosemary of Rosemary & co who was selling her amazing brushes and we swapped art for brushes which was wonderful….best brushes in the world! I’ll show those to you tomorrow. Here are some peonies for you perusal. It’s nice to be home but am packing to fly back to Pakistan……all a bit mad at the moment. Catch you later.
1606 peonies 1

8″x8″ Oil on gessoboard-SOLD