Turnip pair

My old friends…….turnips.
turnip pair

Three pears

I have to say, I think pears are the most beautiful things. Maybe I’m losing it! I do love to paint ordinary things in the hopes of making them look a little less ordinary. It doesn’t always work but I keep trying. Anyway, I’m one of three siblings so maybe that’s the appeal here. Off to the German bazaar for a bit of gluwein and a frankfurter………not great on the calorie count but it is nearly Christmas!
Have a lovely weekend.

three pears

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard

Bramleys and paper

More bramleys from before I left but this one was bought from the drying shelf in my kitchen! When I’m at home, I’m always happy for people to call in at the studio – just give me a call. Sunshine again today but I’m painting turnips……more on that next week!

8"x8" oil on gessoboard-SOLD

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard-SOLD

Garlic and sake cup

A bit overcast today but I hear Britain is waking up to the big freeze so shouldn’t complain. Not a lot of light for painting though so have been doing admin. Here’s one from earlier this month.

1653 garlic and sake cup


Bramleys and medlars

It seems like a long time since I was in my garden picking Bramleys but in fact less than a week. I did this one before I left those shores. This morning, I was in the shop looking at a strange, green, round vegetable that I’d never seen before but looked like a green cricket ball with sprouting leaves. I asked what it was but, my Urdu being not up to much, was told it was a ’round cabbage’. Pretty sure it’s not but I’ll have to try painting it to see if you can help me out. That’s for another day. Here are some fruits from closer to home.

1652 bramleys and medlars

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard

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I’m happy to say that some of my work will be showing at the Russell Gallery, Putney from Friday. It looks like a lovely, mixed exhibition and the location is just round the corner from the river……a lovely walk. Here are the details.

Late roses 2

Good morning from a bright and sunny Pakistan. I’ve just about settled back in and have hit the easel this morning but rather than photograph a wet painting (doesn’t work well), here’s one I did before I left. Straining the last little drop from that lovely rose……..here’s the very last one of the year!!

late roses 2

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard-SOLD

Last hydrangeas

I managed to find a few hydrangea heads hanging on! This will be the last blog for a few days while I fly back to Pakistan and wrestle with the jet-lag. See you on the other side……

1643 last hydrangeas

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard=SOLD

Pears and bag

Thank you so much to all who have voted for me in the awards competition. Still time if you haven’t (here’s the link)!
It’s going to be blowing a gale this weekend so I hope you’ve all battened down the hatches. It’s very sunny here this morning but I was put off going out with my easel as I thought it might just blow away! So, I’ve snuggled down in my studio with Jenny Murray and the heater on, painting pears.

1647 pears and bag

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard


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Medlars and grapes

I’m delighted to tell you that I’ve been shortlisted for The Artists of the Year awards 2015 run by Artist and Illustrator magazine. Among the awards is a readers’ choice and I’d be chuffed pink if you could see your way clear to voting for me here . The shortlisters’ works will be on display at the Mall Galleries in February but more on that later.
It’s all very exciting but I got back on my perch long enough to paint these medlars from a friend’s garden. I’d never seen one before, despite being fairly well-travelled. No idea what to do with them but not sure these are an edible variety anyway. Cute though.

1649 medlars and grapes

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard-SOLD


Excuse my absence yet again but the last of the family matters took me away from the studio. Normal service is back! I had a particularly fishy day in the studio on Friday and this was the “draft” for a larger painting. I had to leave the door open but was on constant vigil for local feline population.
I also wanted to remind you that I have workshops on 11th and 12th January. If you’d like to buy a place for a loved one or friend for Christmas, I have made some vouchers to be slipped into a Christmas stocking. Places are going fast so email me soonest.

1646 mackerel

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard


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