Plastic herd

And why not? So, I was really missing the cows in the field at the bottom of the garden in the UK and had a strong urge to paint them. I found these plastic ones resurrected from Jobbers’ toy box (remember the dinky car?) so decided they made a nice change from oranges. Well, I enjoyed painting them anyway and they are a sketch for a larger painting……of plastic cows. I’ll probably come to my senses before next week – think it’s the spices.

1682  plastic herd

20cmx15cm oil on gessoboard

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  1. Sue Hall
    Sue Hall says:

    I love you’re flowers and other natural subjects Penny, but something made me think WOW ! with this one. I feel it’s a super contemporary move and can imagine seeing a painting like this one at The London Art Fair or the AAF because of the quirky subject matter. Anyway, I love it!


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