Nasturtiums 3

Last of the three. I’m heading back overseas yet again. I’m sure I must have some gypsy blood. Not sure how those air stewards do it but I think I’m on my 18th flight of 2016! Last time for a while thankfully. Hoping for a sustained and undisturbed block of painting time.

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard-SOLD

Nasturtiums 2

When they’re out, you have to make hay. So I did.

20cm X 20cm oil on gessoboard

20cm X 20cm oil on gessoboard – SOLD

Nasturtiums 1

Morning. I trust you had a wonderful Easter despite the visit from storm Katie. I am on a flying visit home so coming are a few I did in Pakistan before I left. The compound is awash with Nasturtiums and orange is the new black.

20cmx20cm - Oil on gessoboard

20cmx20cm – Oil on gessoboard


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Lane from the beach – Ngapali

I dragged myself off the sunlounger for this one. There was a little cut-through from the beach to the road beyond and at four o’clock the sun hit the side of the boat that is “parked” there. I had a bit of an audience, the fishermen but they made all the right noises. Having run out of boards, I discovered that painting with oil on paper is really rather nice. The paint pushes around like soft butter. I’m flying home tomorrow for a week on a mercy mission but hope to get some spring goodies painted.

Lane - Ngapali beach, Burma. Oil on paper

Lane – Ngapali beach, Burma. Oil on paper

Floating gardens – Inle Lake

Continuing with my little trip around Burma for you, this one was painted standing on a very rickety bridge on Inle Lake. These floating gardens are amazing and they grow all manner of things on these buoyant beds, tomatoes, aubergines and other things. Incredible. All gardening is done from a boat or balancing on the bobbing beds! I got a taxi boat back to the hotel afterwards and the painting got splashed all over with dirty lake water which thankfully brushed off later. I’ve been busy painting fruit and flowers but you’ll just have to bear with me until I’m done showing you these.

Floating gardens- Inle Lake

Floating gardens- Inle Lake

Stupas – Bagan

I’m back from our wonderful holiday in Burma – what a magnificent country it is and the people are fabulous.
It is like other countries in SEA twenty or thirty years ago although things are moving on apace. If you get the chance to go, I’d highly recommend it but make it quick before it changes too much.
I’ve got back to the easel but whilst I garner myself, I will show you a few oil sketches made on my trip. This was done in Bagan. After a hard morning’s sight-seeing, it was hard to drag myself away from the pool in the late afternoon to paint this but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity – but boy was it hot!! I had to rush it and didn’t really get to finish as I was late for the next sight-seeing batch. Hey ho.

Stupas - Bagan

Stupas – Bagan