Mushrooms on blue

I’m back!  Leeds was fun, if wet and now it’s raining here……..where is the summer?  I have got some peonies in the studio today so I feel full of sunshine even when it’s drizzling outside.  Here are more of the mushrooms I had an attachment to last week.


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Whenever I need a speedy subject, mushrooms are my go-to. They are so lovely to paint and even lovelier in a herby omlette for supper. I’m taking time away from the easel for a day or two now whilst I go and fetch the student daughter’s gear from Leeds and spend a couple of days with her exploring the city before she moves on to pastures new.

1719 mushroom


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Westbury asparagus and red box

1718 asparagus and red box

20cmx20cm – oil on gessoboard – SOLD

Love this old red box with a bit of chipped paint. I’ve had a day in the car – gallery visiting, lunching with a long-lost pal and of course, calling in at the antiques centre for some more props. Need to get a grip with that…….

Lilac in jug

1717 Lilac in jug - SOLD

20cm x 20cm oil on gessoboard – SOLD

I think the lilac is beginning to go over now, that is all the tight, dark buds have bloomed and it’s a lighter shade all over. I managed this one before it happened though.
Have a great weekend, whatever the weather brings.


Westbury asparagus

From a culinary point of view, I think May must be my favourite month and that’s due to the fact that it’s the beginning of the asparagus season. There is a farm not too far from me where they grown the most delicious stalks of green nectar and it finds its way into anything and everything I cook when I get my hands on it. Food of the Gods.

1716 Westbury Asparagus

25cmx20cm oil on board-SOLD


Loving all the lilac that’s all around at the moment and if you get a glimpse of a rape field in the distance behind it – it’s a visual explosion, all those complimentaries vying for position – who needs LSD? Anyway, apropos to nothing, had a fab day yesterday at Buckingham Palace with Floss who was being awarded her Gold DofE with hundreds of others at the 60th anniversary presentation. Utterly amazed at the 93(?) year-old Duke being able to withstand 2hours of walking around and talking to all the young people. My feet were killing me! So anyway, that’s why there was no blog yesterday.

1715 lilac

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard


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Shirgar Fort, Baltistan

Ooops. This new time zone gets me confused and I keep forgetting to post! Here’s the other painting I managed in the north of Pakistan last week. This is the beautiful Shirgar Fort which dates back to 15thC but is now a sympathetically-restored hotel – the fort part being a museum. It nestles at the foot of the Karakorums and is an idyllic hideaway. This view was looking over the wall to the river, next to one of the many ancient balconies. Was a quick morning sketch as my holiday buddies were waiting to get on the road.

10x8" oil on gessoboard

10×8″ oil on gessoboard


These funny little things I found in the supermarket in Pakistan. I didn’t get around to using them but apparently they taste nice. I just like the shapes and the markings. Anyway, home now so next week will be more familiar subjects………probably. I’ve just been on a creative business retreat with Pete Moseley. Very motivating and my second time! Can recommend it for anyone wanting to push themselves forward.

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Hiding from the weather in the studio today……brr a bit chilly. Hoping the sun will come out soon so I can get out to paint. I’m hoping to be painting at or near Blenheim on Saturday so praying for some sunshine.
Anyway, aubergines are the order of the day.

1713 aubergines

20cmx20cm oil on gessboard

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Karakoram mountains, Baltistan

It’s so lovely to be back in the UK, having arrived home on Saturday evening. The weather is glorious and the grass at CC is about a foot high which is the price you pay!! Sorry to have been offline for so long but I was up in glorious Baltistan, northern Pakistan and wifi was seriously lacking. Anyway, here is a painting of the sun coming over the mountain behind our hotel. I had yet another equipment malfunction and my tripod gave up on me entirely so the lovely staff found a table to rest my pochade on. It rather limited my subject choice but luckily, everywhere you look is a stunning view so no problem! And all that before breakfast and the day’s sight-seeing. I can’t tell you how beautiful it was up there. Hopefully, you’ll get a taster from the painting below. I have posted lots of photos on my FB page.

10x8 oil on canvas board

10×8 oil on canvas board