Karakoram mountains, Baltistan

It’s so lovely to be back in the UK, having arrived home on Saturday evening. The weather is glorious and the grass at CC is about a foot high which is the price you pay!! Sorry to have been offline for so long but I was up in glorious Baltistan, northern Pakistan and wifi was seriously lacking. Anyway, here is a painting of the sun coming over the mountain behind our hotel. I had yet another equipment malfunction and my tripod gave up on me entirely so the lovely staff found a table to rest my pochade on. It rather limited my subject choice but luckily, everywhere you look is a stunning view so no problem! And all that before breakfast and the day’s sight-seeing. I can’t tell you how beautiful it was up there. Hopefully, you’ll get a taster from the painting below. I have posted lots of photos on my FB page.

10x8 oil on canvas board

10×8 oil on canvas board


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