It’s all about cherries right now.  Welcome to my blog all those people I have recently met at fairs or who have found my article in this month’s edition of either A&I or The Artist.  If you’d like to subscribe, you can see my paintings in your inbox each day.  Just pop in your email address and they’ll magically appear each day.  Take a look and then delete – or better still, click to buy!

Having said that, I’m going off piste for a few weeks as I’m off on holiday (Cornwall and Cumbria) and then flying back to Pakistan to quickly pack-up and return in time for the arrival of baby German with a bit of luck.  So, paints are all packed but I won’t be blogging – I just need a break after five and a half years and to be honest, the techno-stuff is always a bit hit and miss down there, especially in the hands of a Luddite.  By subscribing, you’ll be sure to catch me when I pop back up again in a few weeks time.  Have a wonderful few weeks and I’ll have some exciting news to share about painting holidays lined up for next year in Exmoor, Tuscany and the Wye valley.  In the meantime, here are those promised cherries.

1739 Cherries

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard

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Cherries in a wineglass

Cherries everywhere at the moment and lovely to paint.  I’ve been at Art in Action today and came home to The Artist magazine on the mat.   Inside there’s an article I’ve written on Daily Painting which is weird timing because yesterday Artists and Illustrator magazine arrived with an article by me too, so there’s no escaping me I’m afraid!

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard - SOLD

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard – SOLD

The Artist Magazine

The Artist Magazine

Artists & Illustrators

Artists & Illustrators

Figs and cherries

Bit of a rush today!  I’ve spent the past two days in London working on painting responsively and intuitively in the landscape.  Will post those tomorrow to see what you think.  Meanwhile, here’s one I sold at Childwickbury last week.

Figs and cherries

Can you see what it is yet?

no post yesterday as I’m in London with the fab Louise Balaam doing a little responsive rather than literal painting. It’s great fun and this is as far as I’ve got so far. Needs sorting today. It’s across the lake in St. James park but obviously, you knew that.


Cherries and eggshells

And……another painted at Childwickbury.  By this time, I was a bit fed-up with painting peonies!  Never thought I’d say that but I did feel a bit like a factory at the time.  We are all set here to batton down the hatches for Grand Prix weekend when it’s really not worth trying to go anywhere what with all the traffic.  A quick visit to the supermarket and that’ll be it.  Jobbers is en route home for a holiday so I need to go and fill the fridge.  Enjoy a peaceful weekend.  I’ll be hearing neeeeeeeaw, neeeeeeaw all weekend!

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1738 cherries and eggshells

20cmx20cm oil on gessboard

Garden flowers

1734 garden flowers

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard-SOLD

I managed this one before everything in the garden got flattened by rain and strangled by rampant bindweed.  It was done as a step-by-step demo for an article in The Artist due out in the winter so I’ll let you know when it’s out. It sold at the weekend.


Roses and peonies 2

This is the sister painting to yesterday’s, also painted as a demo at Childwickbury.  After that, I got a bit peonied-out and went to paint the ice-cream van instead.  It seemed only natural to try their goods and I have to admit the plum and gin was pretty good!  Didn’t bode well for the rest of the painting sadly.

1737 roses and peonies 2

20cmx15cm oil on gessoboard-SOLD



Roses and peonies

I did this one as a demo at Childwickbury and brought it home wet. It didn’t hang around long, a studio visitor just took it home to her lovely house – she only popped in for some cards!
In the meantime, I’ve been working on a larger painting of Cornishware and eggshells today and I keep looking at the vertiginous ironing pile……….naaaaah – painting.

Roses and peonies

oil on gessoboard-20cmx20cm-SOLD

Picked peonies

Morning! Back from Childwickbury, exhausted but had a great time with lots of lovely people and lots of paintings going to lots of lovely new homes. Here’s one I did last week – am desperately trying to extend the peony season but fear it’s on its way out! Love them so much.
At least having a couple of paintings in hand means I can spend the day putting my kit away and sorting the house out. Having said that, it would require about a month do get that done.