Figs on blue plate

I’m going to have to drip-feed you all my news as I’ve been away for a while and I don’t like blogs that get too long.  I’ve had a really busy summer with art fairs and festivals, working on bigger pieces for galleries, painting in Cornwall and I’m off to Venice next week to do some more!  Things got so busy that I considered giving up the “daily paintings” as I was struggling to keep up and beginning to churn them out for the sake of it, not really feeling the love.   Then I found a copy of Carol Marine’s book Daily Painting which reminded me of why I started in the first place and how much I value it.  So, I’ve decided to keep on with them but instead of daily it’ll be more like, as and when.  I expect it will result in several a week anyway but I don’t want to be using a misnomer so I will call them “oil sketches” from now on.  By the way, I thoroughly recommend Carol’s book.  It was her influence that set me off five years ago and her book says pretty much everything I believe.

Here’s one for you – love figs!

1741 figs on a blue plate

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard


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