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Hi everyone,

Thought I’d grab a minute to connect after a busy period. I’ve been gearing up for my next exhibition, in London (Brackenbury Village to be precise) this time during the first week of December. I did it last year with my painting pal Lesley Dabson and we had a fun and successful week so roll on. We’d love to see you at private view on Thursday 6th from 6.30 for a glass of wine to get you in the festive spirit. If not, we’re there every day too so pop in for a look and a chat.
Next week I’ll be joining the merry throng at the Mall Galleries for the ROI private view. It’s always a great afternoon and a chance to catch up with lots of painting mates. Networking is not something that happens that often when you’re at home in the studio so much of the time so I’m really looking forward to that. Jobbers had a foot operation three weeks ago to remove a ganglion which was pressing on a nerve so he’s been home for nearly a month. So, I was delighted to have the house back to myself this morning I have to say. I miss our chatty coffees in the kitchen but it’s surprising how much time you can waste when you have someone at home! On the plus side, he did help me with my tax return which is my absolute bete noire 🙂
Below you can see what I’ve been working on lately. I’ve been obsessed with textured plaster walls and white pots which will of course feature in the exhibition. White is such a challenge but there are lots of colours in white subjects so it’s all about temperature change. Also, pics of Christmas cards now available and the flyer for our l’il show. Stay warm.

Walnuts and pots 10×20″

Mistletoe Christmas card

Contemporary Classics exhibition

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