Well, I’ve just about recovered from Surrey Art Fair which was great fun with good sales but boy…….exhausting! Loved being in a little ‘enclave’ with painting pals. We did a lot of giggling and sharing of all things chocolate and were able to watch each others’ stands when the obligatory wee was required. I stayed in a sweet little airbnb up the road which I had to myself so at close of day didn’t need to speak………not that I could!
Anyway, onwards and upwards. I’ve just been out to buy painting subjects for the weekend from the wholesaler so that’s me – holed-up for the next two days whilst you all enjoy some R&R. Not sure I thought it through properly so I’ve got a job on my hands to paint them before they die. Still, Jobbers is away so the house is empty bar me so I can make a rare old mess in the kitchen prepping panels and eating when I like. Bliss.
So, before I hit you with my flower bomb, here’s some good old garlic – always a great subject, panders to my obsession with whites and doesn’t wilt. Have a lovely weekend.

20x20cm oil on canvasboard

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  1. Jackie Legge
    Jackie Legge says:

    Hi Penny
    My dad served on the HMS Penelope during WW2. I was
    to be named Penelope if I had been a girl, however letters from home to ships were vetted and my dad thought he had gained a son and wanted the baby (me) to be called Jack. After 18 months at sea without mail he was very
    Surprised to find a baby girl called Jacqueline. I would have liked to have been a Penny but due to my birth weight of 11lbs I think I would have been more of a fiver.
    I love your paintings and just wished I lived closer to
    you to pick up some tips on painting.
    Best Wishes

    • Penny German
      Penny German says:

      Hi Jackie

      Thanks for your lovely email. I’ve always disliked my name so it’s nice to hear from someone who would have liked it! What a lovely story about your dad. I’ve recently been reading over some letters from my grandmother to my father who was at sea during the war but of course it was fairly oneway news as his whereabouts were always secret. I wonder what they would have thought of emails and blogs! I would love to have you on a workshop one day so do keep in touch. Although I gather you must live a long way away, people do come from near and far and stay over in local B&Bs. In the meantime, if I can help with any questions just ping me an email. Best wishes, Penny.


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