Damsons in a coffee cup

I’ve been on something of a damson odyssey lately.  Every time I think I’ll paint something else, I spot them fallen on the lane in our village when I’m walking the dog.  I just get seduced by that blue bloom and I’m hooked.  Oh go on then, just one more.  Bubba looks at me with disdain.

Thank you to all those who came to see me when I had Open Studios, it was lovely to meet you and/or see you again and I was overwhelmed by the sales – it makes me think I’m doing something right and enables me to keep doing what I love. If you’d like a more newsy posting, do sign up for my monthly newsletter which you can do here 

So now, I think we’ve seen the last of those damsons along with pretty much everything else Mother Nature has on offer for the autumn but my Cafe au Lait dahlias are still going strong so I might be tempted.  Anyway, here’s possibly the last damson painting for 2019 but never say never right??


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Hi there, you’ll have to excuse the sporadic blogging.  I’ve been very busy lately and out and about painting.  If you’d like to read about it, and in fact if you’d like to hear from me more often (but not too often), my monthly newsletter is probably your best bet.  You can sign up here and all usual privacy safeguards apply.  I tend to share news, tips AND offers i.e. sale works.

I wanted to let you know about my open studio next week.  I’ll be opening my studio and home to all comers who’d like to see my work and/or have a coffee and a chat.  Paintings, prints, cards and Christmas cards will be on sale and there’ll be some veritable bargains in the sale box.

This week, I’ve been painting damsons whilst they are still around.  I love their blue colour and the bloom on their skins.  Bubba and I go to fetch them in the mornings as they drop onto the lane from over-hanging trees and we have to be quick in picking them up before any cars come down the lane and splat them.  Sadly, Bubba doesn’t quite appreciate the urgency in the mission and likes to take his time, leaving little messages for his friends on every bush en route.

Here’s one I made earlier:


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