Having painted for most of my life, a few years ago I discovered the growing phenomenon known as ‘’daily painting’’, started by Duane Keiser in 2004.  When my husband embarked on a project in 2010 which would mean him being out of the country for lengthy periods,  it was only logical that I should console myself by taking a break from part-time teaching that would enable me to get back in the groove of full-time painting…………………it took me a nano-second to come up with that! For the past five years I have striven to produce a still-life oil sketch each day.

The daily painting devotees set me on course.  I decided I would commit to producing a smallstudy of an everyday object……….well, every day.  It was to be an exploration as well as a commitment to daily practice and a record of my progress.  It has been and is a journey of understanding of the medium, light, form and most importantly………….self-discipline. These days I’m very busy with larger works. Still painting every day but not able to produce a “daily” along with completing gallery works.  I therefore refer to these little works as “oil sketches”.

I would like to invite you to join me on my journey by subscribing to my blog.  You will receive,  in your email inbox , a small still life, a vision of my day be it something from Chapel Cottage kitchen, garden or the local farmers’ market.  Enjoy with no obligation but should you wish to purchase a painting, please contact me.  These are quick oil sketches made on gesso-prepared hardboard and are reasonably priced.

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