Paint Inspirational Landscapes & Still Life in Oils

On this studio based course you can either paint landscapes from photos or still life from real life and there will be a selection of subjects for you to choose from.

Penny will show you how to get that realistic yet dynamic look into your still life paintings and will help you paint effective landscapes with plenty of light and a pleasing compositions.

She will achieve this demonstrations and plenty of one-to-one tuition. She will guide you through the process of composition, tonal values, edges and colour.

This is a residential course with accommodation at the Bells Hotel in the Wye Valley.

Dates:    10th – 12th November 2017 (arrive Thursday 9th November)
Penny German will show you how to paint inspirational landscapes and still life in oils.

Her landscapes are simple, yet effective with as few brushes as is necessary to have the desired effect and her still life pictures are full of colour, tone and a vibrancy that bring a whole new dimensions to still life.

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