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How I’m using the latest lockdown.

Hi everyone, Long time, no post. Since my last daily painting post, a long time ago now, I haven’t really been writing to you much. I’m sure, if you’re interested, you’ll have been following my monthly newsletter (click if you’d like to sign up) instead but I thought I might resurrect my blog with occassional […]

Clementines and baubles

Hi everyone, it’s been a while I know.  Busy, busy. I did this quick little oil sketch last week before the clementines leave the shops and the baubles go back in the attic.  I’ve been doing a few new Christmas card images for next year – how organised is that?! I also wanted to tell […]

Hydrangea in blue vase

I’m just packing up to fly home from Cyprus after a few days painting…….glorious.  I thought I’d just post this as I haven’t blogged for a while.  This was the very last of my lovely autumnal hydrangeas.  After this, they go a bit too red and a little bit crispy but I’ve been following @arthurparkinson […]

Damsons in a coffee cup

I’ve been on something of a damson odyssey lately.  Every time I think I’ll paint something else, I spot them fallen on the lane in our village when I’m walking the dog.  I just get seduced by that blue bloom and I’m hooked.  Oh go on then, just one more.  Bubba looks at me with […]


Hi there, you’ll have to excuse the sporadic blogging.  I’ve been very busy lately and out and about painting.  If you’d like to read about it, and in fact if you’d like to hear from me more often (but not too often), my monthly newsletter is probably your best bet.  You can sign up here […]

Cherries and spotty jug

  Hi there.  I’m having a bit of an admin day today as a) I’m just back from Aldeburgh and am sooo tired especially after yesterday’s heat and b) I’ve had my nails done!  It doesn’t happen very often and white spirit and nail polish are not a great combo.  Professional or what? Aldeburgh was […]

Beaujolais Sweetpeas

After a long radio-silence, I thought I’d kick off your weekend by popping into your inbox and saying hello. Blogging has taken a back seat lately as I’ve been busy finishing gallery work (and going on holiday if I’m honest!). Spent a fabulous week in Kefalonia which was the most stunning setting and do you […]

It’s all happening!

Hi everyone, It seems ages since I posted last but such a lot has been happening that I haven’t really had time. I’ve had a holiday to Greece which was stunningly beautiful and a paint out at Flatford Mill with the Brit Plein-air group which was great fun. It was an occassion to meet old […]

Wollerton Old Hall

I’m back in the studio after a lengthy but enjoyable trip to the USA. It was great fun, being ‘Granny’ and the weather was fabulous for the most part. I did end up regretting not taking my paints but……….next time. So here I am trying to get back into the swing and fending off the […]