Cherry blossom

I’ve been a little bit captivated of late by Monty Don in Japan. I’d love to see the cherry blossom but having to make do with a gorgeous tree in our village which heralds the very beginnings of spring each year. The owners kindly let me pinch a bit so I did this little oil sketch and then worked on a larger one for Surrey Contemporary Art Fair which is next weekend (let me know if you’d like a complimentary ticket).
Anyway, happy International Women’s Day to all you lovely people, regardless of gender (or not?)

cherry blossom 10951

20cmx20cm oil on canvasboard

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Morning! I’m told that today is the last of the warm sunshine for a while but it’s given us a little taster of what’s to come. I had a great day painting in the sun in London on Sunday and look forward to a few more trips soon. I’ll be heading off to France in April with some painting buddies and hope to get lots done and chew the cud over some moules frites! In the meantime, here’s a little springtime cheer for you.


20cmx20cm oil on canvasboard

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Painting outside the Tate

Not quite finished!

Snowdrops 2

Oh this glorious sunshine is doing the soul some good!  The snowdrops in my garden a fairly twinkling.  I couldn’t resist doing another one.  Bubba has been out sunbathing in the garden for the first time this year. It must have been exhausting as he’s sparko in his basket now.  It’s a dog’s life.
Incidentally, I’m painting up a storm ready for the Surrey Contemporary Art Fair on March 15th-17th where I’ll be standing waiting for you in my best bib and tucker (well……..I’ll do my best). I have free tickets if you’d like them.

9416, snowdrops 2

20x20cm oil on board-SOLD


Ooooh, I’m loving this spring weather and these little chaps are popping up all over.  There jewel-like colours always inspire me to paint them.  Meanwhile, it’s Friday chaps and the weather is looking fine.  What’s not to like!  Have a lovely one.

9414 hellebores

20x20cm oil on board £150




Snowdrops 1

It’s that time of year. Everything coming thick and fast and me in a rare old panic. Love Snowdrops though don’t you? Waiting for the warmer weather tomorrow………what a treat!

9415, snowdrops 1

20x20cm oil on board

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It’s getting flippin’ cold and, since I’m not a great fan of the chill, I’m holed up in my studio.  Things seem to be bursting forth in the garden all out of sync.  Daffs before Snowdrops – what on earth is going on?  At this time of year I get a bit manic trying to paint anything and everything…….not enough time.  Also, I’m busy trying to get two collections together eeek!  One for the Affordable Art Fair, Battersea in March (c/o John Noott Gallery) and one for little old me to take to the Surrey Contemporary Art Fair in ………….yep, March.  So much for planning things out.  Anyway, it’ll all come out in the wash as my ole Granny used to say.  I bought some cherries to include in a couple of large paintings so did this study beforehand to get me in the mood.  I have to say, it’s taken a while to get my mojo back after the Christmas break but think I’m getting there finally – fair leapt out of bed this morning!


cherries, cherry pair, oil painting, still life

20cm x 20cm oil on canvasboard


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Happy New Year!

#clementines, oil painting, still life, daily painting

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Albeit a little late . . . .

After a long sojourn across the pond with family for the festivities, it’s good to be back in the saddle. Pop the kettle on and put your feet up and let’s have a catch up.

It was great fun in the US where I spent most of the time chasing my gorgeous granddaughter Freya round in circles – her favourite game! At 2 1/2 she’s a ball of energy. At considerably older – I’m not! Since being back I’ve been working on my new website. Hope you like it! but let me know if you spot anything iffy.

One of my (many!) NY resolutions (apart from the obvious weight-loss, teetotaling nonsense which generally lasts no more than a week) is to do more small oil sketches, so you should be hearing from me more often with some paintings to peruse. I’ve missed these little fellas but was caught up with gallery and exhibition work all of last year. I still am but am resolved to get some more small oil sketches done as they are a great discipline and keep me connected to you all. I also miss the cyclical nature of seasonal subject matter so will be following mother nature through the year as she definitely feeds into my creativity.

It’s important for me to always paint with passion and doing ‘dailies’ was beginning to feel like a chore……..just getting one done to blog or a commission. ’Authenticity’ is a bit of a buzzword among artists at the moment and I’m on it! It’s the most important route to producing good work, staying true to oneself and constantly evolving.

So, I intend to paint small ones when and where I can and offer these up via my blog along with plein-air work and, since many of you paint, my working process. I’ll also have offers from the studio. Thought that might grab your attention :). Sometimes, I need a clear-out in the studio so I shall be offering you the chance to buy larger works at a much-reduced price. In the meantime, the small oil sketches will have to see an increase, more in line with what I sell for elsewhere. I hope you will understand that I have to eat! There are so many huge costs and outlays in an art business, people often look at the finished painting price and don’t realise the hidden costs involved they just imagine it’s time alone and a few bob on materials. Hmmm.

If you’re not already subscribed to my blog, hop on over to and sign up to see offers and small paintings as they are finished. Here’s one to get the ball rolling

If you’re interested in workshops, I’m pleased to say I’ll be holding a three-day (optional days) still life boot-camp! This will take place from 1st to 3rd April at Yardley Arts Centre, in Northamptonshire. It’s a fabulous venue and my course is designed to introduce you to oils. If you’re already familiar with oils don’t worry you can just do the second and third day if you prefer but it will really be a good grounding. Hop on over to the link above and see the details.

So, I look forward to keeping up with you in 2019. It’s always nice to hear what you’re up to (painting or otherwise) so do feel free to respond to my emails. Other ways of keeping up with me are Instagram: @pennygerman, Facebook: Penny German Art or Pinterest: Penny German ARBSA. I also do a less frequent newsletter and you can sign up via my new website here

Merry Christmas!

I’ve just come to the end of another lovely week in the Hepsibah Gallery, Hammersmith, London and thought I would quickly post my best wishes to you before I head off to spend Christmas with family across the pond next week.  I would like to thank you all for your support in 2018 – it means so much to me.

When I come back, I’m going to be kicking off the new year with a brand new, updated website which is currently a work in progress.  I’ve also got some workshops lined up as well as a couple of exhibitions so busy, busy, busy.  I’m hoping to find time to keep up to date with my blog and do some more small oil sketches to put on.  I don’t quite know how I managed to lose sight of those………

So, as the website is under construction, I have no idea how to add an image to this post!!  It just remains for me to wish you and yours the warmest, loveliest Christmas and a productive 2019.

All best wishes



News from the studio

Hi everyone,

Thought I’d grab a minute to connect after a busy period. I’ve been gearing up for my next exhibition, in London (Brackenbury Village to be precise) this time during the first week of December. I did it last year with my painting pal Lesley Dabson and we had a fun and successful week so roll on. We’d love to see you at private view on Thursday 6th from 6.30 for a glass of wine to get you in the festive spirit. If not, we’re there every day too so pop in for a look and a chat.
Next week I’ll be joining the merry throng at the Mall Galleries for the ROI private view. It’s always a great afternoon and a chance to catch up with lots of painting mates. Networking is not something that happens that often when you’re at home in the studio so much of the time so I’m really looking forward to that. Jobbers had a foot operation three weeks ago to remove a ganglion which was pressing on a nerve so he’s been home for nearly a month. So, I was delighted to have the house back to myself this morning I have to say. I miss our chatty coffees in the kitchen but it’s surprising how much time you can waste when you have someone at home! On the plus side, he did help me with my tax return which is my absolute bete noire 🙂
Below you can see what I’ve been working on lately. I’ve been obsessed with textured plaster walls and white pots which will of course feature in the exhibition. White is such a challenge but there are lots of colours in white subjects so it’s all about temperature change. Also, pics of Christmas cards now available and the flyer for our l’il show. Stay warm.

Walnuts and pots 10×20″

Mistletoe Christmas card

Contemporary Classics exhibition


Hi all. I thought I’d send you this photo of ‘Stan’ painted as a birthday commission. He’s a cute little terrier with a slightly bent front leg so don’t think I don’t know! I enjoyed painting him and his owner is delighted….phew!
I wanted to let you know that I have packs of Christmas cards available. See below packs of 6 cards for £5.00 plus £2.00 p+p for up to four packs. If you’d like some do email me back as they’ll be here next week and I can send them out.
So, what else have I been up to? Lots of painting, naturally and I’m in the middle of organising next year’s workshops. If you’re interested, do let me know and I’ll put your name on the list. I’ll be heading up to London for the ROI pv on November 27th and then shortly after that I’ll be setting up for my exhibition in Hammersmith with Lesley Dabson from 3rd December. If you’d like an invitation for either of those pvs, do let me know.


Mistletoe Christmas card