And another staple from our kitchen cupboard at home.  You either love it or hate it but I have a guilty secret.  My favourite all time comfort food, a reserve for really blue days only, is toast, marmite and……………marmalade on top.  You should try it.  I personally think this is where the concept for sweet and sour started.  Another is cheese on toast with marmalade on top – a pleasure that my older brother introduced me to when we were teenagers with hollow legs  – but you need to be virtually suicidal to justify that many calories over the age of……

oil on canvas 7"x5" - SOLD

let’s say thirty five.

Teacup 2

oil on gessoed board 8X8 - SOLD

Thought I would keep to the teacup theme.  I love painting the colour white and Titanium White is such a slurpy, squidgy consistency………….mmmmm.

Need to get a life!

Cup stack

Time for a change from flowers I think.  This one is of my favourite china – cornishware – of which there is an unseemly plethora in my cupboards.  It may not be very PC to say so, but it’s just so British!  My mother had some storage jars of this ilk and I was fascinated by them……………not least because it was where she hid the biscuits on a high shelf!

oil on gessoed board 8X8 - SOLD

Lilac in jug 2

I really enjoyed yesterdays challenge - so decided to try again.

oil on gessoed board 8"x8 - SOLD


Lilac in jug

This glorious lilac was crying out to me from the garden last week and I had a chance to post it today.  I always feel that we’re heading straight into summer when the lilac is over………..bittersweet.

Three Tomatoes

These three lovelies reminded me of my children…………it looks like they’re having an argument!  I loved those glossy skins and wanted to paint them immediately.  Can’t wait for my tomato plants to grow and give me a crop although I doubt very much if I’ll manage anything as gorgeous as these. Still homegrown always taste a lot, lot better.  In the meantime, a slug of olive oil, a bit of garlic and as Jamie Oliver would say ‘’some herbage’’ and we’re in business – pasta tonight!  This is becoming a bit of a cooking blog!!  Bank holiday and half-term to boot so am heading up to the Yorkshire Dales for a spot of family visiting.  Since I haven’t quite mastered the art of blogging on the road, will be back in a couple of days.


Cabbage and Leeks on Canvas

Before these beauties become a thing of the past until next winter…………thought I’d give them the once over.  Spent rather longer than had hoped but I hope have retained the immediacy I was after.  I was pretty pleased with the end result anyway.  The weather is a bit too nice for soup so they have been used for stock and chicken food!  The chickens love it when I paint vegetables.


Dying Parrot on Canvas

Last of the hangers-on, just caught him hiding in the flower bed behind some thuggish cornflowers. Definitely a worthy death.  Had some girlies over for supper the other night and so had been folding napkins……………..I love the shadows on linen and the light coming in from the window caught the front folds.  Can I use tulips in supper?  Probably not, though if you have a recipe………………answers on a postcard please.

Daffodil Trio


So you would be right in guessing that the daffodils are over here but whilst I experience a few technical hiccups as a virgin blogger………………….. in the words of Valerie Singleton, ‘’here’s one I made earlier’.  The idea behind this was to try and capture the light falling on the front bloom and the a little on the front of the back blooms.  I really enjoyed painting these although am going to have to find another pigment as cadmium yellows seem always prove to be quite oily and translucent –  I chase it around the canvas a lot!

Asparagus and Bag

The first of many blogs!  Since today was my first day of producing a small daily painting, I thought I’d start at the beginning of the alphabet…………………..a for asparagus!  I don’t think I’ll follow this order though, besides I don’t have any bananas in the house.  The asparagus was fun to paint, the brown paper bag more of a challenge but hey…………..that’s dinner sorted!!