Plastic herd

And why not? So, I was really missing the cows in the field at the bottom of the garden in the UK and had a strong urge to paint them. I found these plastic ones resurrected from Jobbers’ toy box (remember the dinky car?) so decided they made a nice change from oranges. Well, I enjoyed painting them anyway and they are a sketch for a larger painting……of plastic cows. I’ll probably come to my senses before next week – think it’s the spices.

1682  plastic herd

20cmx15cm oil on gessoboard

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Oil on canvas – NFS

I’ve taken time off the eggshells today to finish this painting of “Smokey” who has the most gorgeous blonde ringlets on her crown.  She’s a lucky dog too – her family own a dog food business!


No still life today. I thought I would show you my painting of Colin, a lightening-blue whippet. His proud owners were married on Saturday and this was a wedding present. They’re not called lightening for nothing. Trying to get him to hold still for a shot was impossible and I had to involve the father-of-the- bride in some dog-handling in order to get a photo to work from. Peonies never seem to give me this trouble! Congratulations to Sophie and Ed, last seen disappearing into the western sky in a helicopter!



Colin ohoto


Not a daily painting today. This was a commission for a birthday and stars the inimitable Fred who, in this painting is giving a convincing impression of an obedient Labrador, if such a thing exists. I had to chase him around my kitchen with the camera when he came for a “sitting” – the inoperative word.

20" x 20", oil on canvas - SOLD

20″ x 20″, oil on canvas – SOLD