Here are some of my daily paintings that I have completed so far. I hope you enjoy looking through them. To view available paintings please go to the available works page and Daily paintings for sale.

The majority of these paintings are 20cm x 20cm - oil on gessoboard.

1642 Armstrong Siddeley

8"x8" oil on gessoboard

8"x8"oil on gessoboard

8"x8"oil on gessoboard

imageimageIMG_6941two figs on tiles
Hydrangeas in white jugimageimageimage1621 damsons and blue jug
Plums and small boxPlums on blue shelfDamsons in a soiup bowlDamsons and .....?Mushrooms
Demo pieceDamsons and jugs1621 newtons wonder1620 cosmos1619Clair de lune 2
1617 Figs in a desert bowl1617 Clair de lune1616 plums in a white bowl1615 apricots and stone jar1614 apricots on a blue dresser
Blush noisette and paper1612 swat valley peaches8"x8" Oil on gessoboard - SOLD1611 plums and layers1610 cherries in a dessert dish
1591 cherries on a shelf1609 blush noisette1608 old English marmalade1607 peonies 3Peonies 2
1606 peonies 11605 cherries and rosebud1604 cherries and paper1602 treacle tin1602 strawberries and jar
1601 Mme Alred Carriere1600 Sweet Williams1591 cherries on a shelf1590 raspberry jamTreacle
1589 bowl of apricots1588 cherries and cupLemons and bowl 1587West bury asparagus Lilac
1585 onions and garlic 2Onions and garlic demoAsparagus and lemonsLemons on blue
1582 beets1580 magnolia bud1579 hellebores in a jar1578 white roses1577 pink roses
Marigold and Thai jar1572 marigolds in sake cup1571 garlic and eggshell
Orange segmentsLemons in rice bowlLemons in a dessert dishEggs on black
1567 garlicPlums in a blue dishNarcissi Ina. Green jar1563 narcissi stems
Snowdrops in white potSnowdrops and wallpaperSnowdrops on my shelfSnowdrops in bottleeggs and japanese bowl
Eggs and rice bowlGarlic headPomegranates on blockprint1524 clementines and dessert glassPomegranates and wallpaper
Oranges in rice bowl1518 pomegranate and ginger jarPomegranate and half1520 split pomegranateRadishes on a shelf
Hot chocolate cupRadishes and Multan jug Radishes 21513 radishes 11512 eggshells and Cambodian cup
1511 turnips 21510 turnips 1Hp sauceKetchup1508 Brussels and baubles
1509 Christmas pomegranate1507 Sprouts Intruder1506 Brussels sprouts1505 pears
Coffee cup and rose Coffee cupJonquils1500 coffee cup and tangerine
Tangerines and WallpaperTangerines in white bowlPlums on a Shelf
Figs on a shelfHydrangeas in a pitcherRoses in a blue jarRoses and wallpaperAubergines and onions
Tangerineson a blue cupboardPlums on a shelf1482 rose and wallpaper1481 two tangerines1480 tangerine
Late Roses1477 figs and potWet figs on a shelfFigs Hydrangeas
Onions 14751472 apples#1471 three figsFigs and wallpaper
Figs and bowl 2 #1466Four blue plumsBlue plum 1463Nasturtiums 2
Nasturtiums 1Cosmos and taste pot 1458Cosmos purity 1457MnasturtiumsStrawberries
Cosmos stemStrawberries and spotty jarPeoniesBoscobel and Clair de lunePeonies in a jar
Strawberries on a shelfCherries in blue bowl againTaylor's mustardMarmalade
Cherries on a shelfCherries in a Bowl 2Swat valley peachesCherries in a cup 2Plums on a shelf
Plums and wallpaperTwo auberginesEggshells Cherries and cup Beanz
Aubergine on a ClothRoses and eggshells
Roses and strawberriesCherries in a blue bowl
Strawberries in a bowl
Black MagnoliaParrot tulip in a glassPears and teacup
Storm clouds over farthingstone#1426 everdon churchBlack and green #1424Primrose and bowlsCut daffodils
Blue hyacinthsMagnolia 1Snowdrops 3Blue teapotLong aubergines and eggshells
1416 sweetpeas in a beer glass1415 sweetpeas in an inkpot#1414 sweetpeas in a jam jar#1413 golden syrup#1412 aubergines and blue china
Aubergine pairAubergine #1410#1409 pot plantJug and bowl #1408Snowdrops in a white pot
Red onions on a clothSnowdrops 2Snowdrops 1Eggshells and sake cupJonquils in a stone jar
Jonquils in a caper jarGarlic, linen and bowlGarlic and linenGarlic, cup and blockprintMilk and eggs
Mince piesGarlic bulb#1395 garlic, eggshells and butterHair of the dog#1394 mistletoe
Clementines, jug and bp 2Eggshells and cornishware Figs and white bowlsEggshells and bowl Figs and grandma's bowl 2
Clementines, jug and block print Pomegranates and Blockprint 1388PomegranatesClementines, rice bowl and blockprintClementines and Japanese cup
Aubergines in rice bowl Clementines Aubergines and jug Fig Pair Salad Cream
Plums and Grandma's BowlOnions Cherries on a Square PlateFigs and EggshellsPeaches and Paper
Fig and Grandma's BowlPeaches and Marmalade Pot Cosmos and Ginger JarRoses in a Wine Glass Cosmos in a Caper Jar
Boscobel and Wild RosesCherry Bowl AboveCherry Bowl 3Fig and Cabbage White Figs and Marmalade
Figs and Cherries Cosmos on Pink Cosmos in a Cambodian JarCherry Bowl 2Cherry Bowl
Colmans and Missprint Marmite and Missprint
Figs on a cloth Figs and Bowl on Cloth Lilac stem
Bluebells for AliMagnolia and Bowl
Black Magnolia Magnolia in a hyacinth jar Magnolia in a jar Hellebores and MuscariYellow Tuliips
ForsythiaJaponica and Japanese cup Japonica and Paper
Quails Eggs and Orchid Primrose Lemons in a Japanese bowl

Mangosteens and Ricebowl

oil on gessoboard 8''x8'' - SOLD

Pomegranate and bowl