I work from my garden studio in rural Northamptonshire.  My inspiration comes largely from my garden and the countryside around me.  Living in the countryside, I am blessed with the bleating of lambs or the cheeky inquisitive faces of calves over my garden wall.

I’m never without something to paint as I love the seasons and am usually in a panic to get everything down on canvas as Mother Nature’s cyclical bounties arrive.  I also have a groaning ‘props’ cupboard where I store the lovely ceramics and various odds and ends that appear in my paintings, plus a collection of beautiful wallpapers on my ‘mood board which sometimes find their way into my set-up.

I’m usually in the studio for 9am where I decide on my painting, playing around with shadows falling across objects until I’m happy with the composition.

Still life to me is a meditative investigation of light, no matter what the subject matter but the seasons play a big role in my depictions, maybe as I have spent many years living abroad, often in countries where I have missed the seasons.  I have the radio on or listen to a podcast and I’m happy as a clam until the light starts to fade or the pile of ironing beckons.  I do try my hardest not to listen to that beckoning – I’m often successful.  

When my painting day is done, I bring my work into the kitchen and prop it on the ‘drying shelf’ so that I can contemplate any edits whilst I’m having a cup of tea (note I’m still ignoring that ironing basket).  If it’s good to go, I decide where it’s destined for, I work with galleries around the UK and also sell work through social media. I’ve painted all my life and ten years ago started producing a ‘daily painting’ of a still life and blogging with it.  Lately, I’m working on larger works and the small oil sketches have taken a bit of a back seat but you can read about my start here.

I occasionally leave the studio and get out into the countryside or abroad to paint plein-air which I absolutely love, especially if painting with artist buddies.  I also hold workshops twice a year.  As a former teacher, I still love to connect with people and watch them grow as painters.

So that’s my life in a nutshell.  If you’d like to receive my newsletter or workshop information you can subscribe here.  You can also follow me on instagram @pennygerman or on my facebook page pennygermanart.  Many thanks for taking the time to read.