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Demo fruit 1

Hellllloooo. Back from Patchings and utterly exhausted after four days of workshops followed on quickly by one day of travelling and setting up, four days of demonstrating, a two-hour tailback on the M1 back home and a trip to London today to deliver paintings. I have, in the past, had people comment on how relaxing it must be being an artist……huh!
Anyway, enough of that. I’m not moaning because I love doing what I do. Patchings was huge fun (despite some terrible weather and a near disaster involving a large pool of water collecting in the marquee roof above my stand). I caught up with a lot of buddies, made some more and saw lots of lovely blog-followers. Can’t believe I sold so many Christmas cards….in June! I only took them along to fill in a gap.
So while I smooth out my feathers and possibly tidy my house, here’s a demo piece from the workshops last week.

1723 demo fruit 1

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard-SOLD

Baby lemons and bowl

These are new-crop lemons which are pretty sharp at this stage! Ok for a gin and tonic though of course.
I’m glad I did this yesterday as it’s pretty dark today and I’m having seeing well enough to paint. It’s raining cats and dogs but then I don’t suppose I’ll get much sympathy from you over the pond! I hear the rain in Cumbria is back and causing more flooding. Hope everyone is ok.
1662 baby lemons and bowl

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Bowl of apricots

Good Monday to you and what a glorious day! Hoping for another tomorrow so that I can paint out. Here’s a bowl of sunshine for you.

1589 bowl of apricots

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard-SOLD


Jug and bowl

Aargh, rain. Well that’s put an end to my Plein-air painting plan. I’m only glad that my studio has an entire wall of north-facing window, it’s really murky out there. No blogs next week as I’m on a portrait workshop. Actually, if you can bear it, and my technology doesn’t fail, I could post a day-by-day update. This little bowl made it’s way to the front of my cupboard so I felt obliged to listen to it and put it in a painting.

Jug and bowl #1408

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard

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Garlic, linen and bowl

Garlic, linen and bowl

8″x8″, oil on gessoboard



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I meant to post this yesterday but got entangled in dance practice for tonight’s Burns Night Ball.  Jobbers and I were  put through our paces with the eightsome reel and I forgot all about blogging in the excitement.  So, back to the garlic and white linen today.