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Cornishware and eggshells

I think I’m going to move to Scotland – fed up with this weather! I’ve been gearing up for my forthcoming workshops on Friday to Monday, swiftly followed by Patchings Arts Festival next week – boy, a lot of organising and packing to be done. I had an omlette for supper last night so………….

1721 cornishware and eggshells

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Garlic and cornishware

Phew, it’s getting warm now. Not hot enough to swim but rather warm to be doing long walks – I’ll just have to march on the spot at the easel in the air-conditioning. Anyway, the sweetpeas are glorious and spilling over the fences so that’ my remit next week. Always something to paint here. In the meantime, the spoils of my fridge…..

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard

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Snowdrops and cornishware

Bags are packed and I’ll be flying back to Pakistan in the next few days. After a few days of washing/repacking, I’ll be heading out with Jobbers to Myanmar for a couple of weeks R&R and painting! Not sure what the wifi situation will be but will blog my paintings wherever possible. Looking forward to some sun and the odd temple.
Back later……

1690 snowdrops and cornishware

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard-SOLD

Hydrangeas and cornishware

Off back to Cumbria where events may mean I need to go off piste for a while so forgive my absence if I do. Here’s the last hydrangea painting for now.


8″x8″ oil on gessoboard-SOLD

Eggshells and cornishware


I really enjoyed my day up in London painting yesterday. If you haven’t been, take a trip to the Mall Galleries to see the RIO exhibition – there is some stunning work.  I’d like to thank Ian Cryer and Tim Benson for organising a brilliant day.

Eggshells and cornishware

8″x8″, oil on gessoboard-SOLD


Marmite and cornishware

What a beautiful day it was yesterday. I got loads done including planting out sweet peas (risky but how long can it go on), marking out new veggie patch and filling crates with poo ready for planting. Here’s a painting that went home to a new owner from the spirit of summer fair.

8"x8" oil on gessoboard - SOLD

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard – SOLD

Cornishware mugs

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard, SOLD

Another stack of mugs.  Sadly, I just can’t stop painting them and I often use them as a ”warm up” when I’ve had a few days off……….which I have.   I spent Friday doing a lot of admin, Saturday delivering cards and Sunday………well, Sunday is a day of rest.   So, today I awoke bright and breezy and started back in earnest having heard that the sun is coming out tomorrow and knowing full well that this means I’ll be ”popping into the garden for some fresh air” every five minutes.  Not conducive to concentration.

I’m very excited about this evening.  A night out I hear you ask?  No, just watching the concluding episode of The Bridge which I recorded on Saturday.   That’s a bit sad I’ll admit but in my opinion life doesn’t get much better than a glass of SB and a Swedish detective series…………..”Jo”.

HP sauce and cornishware

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard-SOLD

It must be the forthcoming jubilee…………..I’m feeling very red, white and blue – all so patriotic.   Naturally, my thoughts turn to HP sauce.  Disgusting stuff in my opinion but each to their own and I love the bottle – iconic British.

No post yesterday due to the fact that I was in London admiring (greatly) the Lucien Freud exhibition.  Completely the wrong venue in my opinion though.  Those little rooms at the NP Gallery do not lend themselves to a blockbuster – you need sharp elbows if you’re going.  My, aren’t I opinionated today!

Cornishware stack

8''x8''', oil on gessoboard

I’m hoping to have a more productive week next week.  The sun is shining on all the things I want to paint.  In the meantime, here’s a stack of Cornishware from my cupboard – finished a couple of weeks ago.

Cornishware stack

8''x8'', oil on gessoboard, SOLD

Now this is all from my own cupboards…….I don’t think I stole any of these items  from my mother-in-law, although she often finds me pieces.  I’m verging on kleptomania now.  Dropping in for coffee has taken a new turn  – friends bring my coffee to the doorstep!  Nobody  is safe.