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Jonquils in a honey jar

I’m having a lot of trouble with my boards. A bad workman and all that…….but they seem to be super-absorbent and I dont know if it’s the paint I’m priming them with or the boards themselves. It’s a mystery but finding supplies here is tricky and my Urdu being pretty non-existent means labels are an even bigger mystery. Hey ho. Onwards and upwards, think I’ll try and find some more primer. Had a great day painting on Sunday at an historical railway station and seemed to attract an awful lot of attention from local children and Afghani children who live by the tracks. They seem all to have nine lives or more! They are gorgeous but don’t really get the concept of personal space. It was pretty difficult trying to paint with them all pushing, shoving and poking around in my kit. Jobbers came to the rescue with a large bag of Haribo!

8"x8" oil on gessoboard

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard-SOLD

Painting in Pakistan

Painting in Pakistan

Jonquils in an olive jar

Back to the drawing board after a busy weekend and some exciting plein-air painting. More on that later. Despite the weather, there aren’t many cut flowers to be had here (unless you like turquoise-dyed gladioi) but there is an old lady that sells Jonquils by the bucket-full near our shops. They fill the house with a scent that……takes a bit of getting used to but they are pretty and I scooped a couple of bunches up on Friday. The paint was still wet when I photographed it. Apologies.

1657 jonquils in an olive jar

20cm x 15cm oil on gessoboard


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Jonquils in a stone jar

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Jonquils in a stone jar

8″x8″ oil on gessoboard

It’s getting sunny here and warming up a bit in the day so cardigan weather. I don’t suppose those of you in the UK really want to hear that though.  Looking forward to coming back at half-term but think I may need to bring my flippers. I was very inspired yesterday when I found some of the carved wooden blocks used to make the lovely block print patterns here.  They will be wending their way into my backgrounds for sure.  Anyway, here are the last if the jonquils.


Jonquils in a caper jar

Jonquils in a caper jar

8″x8″, oil on gessoboard

These jonquils are about the only decent flowers available at the moment. They are very sweet and emit a fantastic fragrance.  The flower seller’s choice, as I say, is not up to much unless of course you’re into turquoise-dyed gladioli!  Hence, the eggshells.  I am on the hunt for inspiring fabric to paint so am off to the market tomorrow.

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