Victoria plums

My tree is drooping under the weight of these little beauties. We’ve had crumble, compote and plums with chips (not really). Am running out of ideas and desire to be honest. I’ve only managed this one little painting too as I’ve got such a lot of work going on preparing for an upcoming solo exhibition in November. More on that later. I love this little square pot that I picked up in Copenhagen in the winter…….delish! Love a beautiful pot.

1840 victoria pums

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard

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Lilac and plums

I’m back in the studio today after two days of workshops. Lovely students so it’s always a joy if not totally exhausting! My next workshops are on September 11th and 12th so do email me if you’d like to join us. I thought I’d best get another lilac painted as it’s really on its way out now. The plums just spoke to me in the shop because of their gorgeous bloom.

1811 lilac and plums

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard – SOLD


Pears and plums

I’ve been up at Stowe Gardens, National Trust this morning checking out a room with my colleagues where we’re going to set up a pop-up gallery/shop during the last week of November – should be fun and Stowe is so beautiful, created by Capability Brown no less.  Well worth a trip.  I’ll remind you nearer the time!!

Today it’s the very last of the plums and a few pears.



20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard – SOLD

Plums in a bowl

Sorry about the radio silence – wifi issues yesterday and on Monday I was painting at Coton Manor but more on that later.  I wanted to remind you that I’m opening my studio this Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 10am and 1pm.  I’d love to see you and there will be plenty to buy although no obligation.  I have packs of Christmas cards, prints, cards, notelets and of course paintings……….not to mention coffee and possibly cake!  I’m just off the A5 at Caldecote, follow the yellow arrow.  When you’re done here there are also lots of other artists opening their studios in the area so a good morning’s outing.  If they’re all making cakes you could fill up for the week 😉

In the meantime, the last of the plums.

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard-SOLD

Demo piece 1

I had completely forgotten about this one, done as a demo piece for recent workshops.  The reason I remembered was that someone came to the studio and bought it this morning.  Otherwise, it might have lain at the back of the box all forlorn  and forgotten forever!  I believe it’s destined for warmer climes.

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard - SOLD

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard – SOLD

Plums on a shelf

Good Monday to you and what a lovely day it is.  If it weren’t for the fact that I’m mid-painting (and a big one at that) with my models withering and dying before me (it’s ok, they’re plums), I would take myself out for a bit of plein-air.  Oh well, such is life.  I’m in the studio with a cup of tea and studying plums.

Tomorrow is another day.

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1753 plums on a shelf

20cm x 20cm oil on gessoboard

Row of plums

I love a bit of bloom on some plums.  It keeps me happy – it’s the little things in life.

I’ll be tearing up the M1 come morning to be at the private view of The Artist exhibition at Patchings Art Centre when, in a break from the norm, I’m exhibiting plein-air landscapes along with some other artists.  It’s a bit out of my comfort zone as I’m much more used to having still life on the walls.  Wish me luck.

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1751 row of plums

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard

Plums and sake cup

Listening to Bob Dylan on the Ipod and painting……..what more can a girl want. The sun is shining but I can’t be tempted.
Plums today.

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard

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Plums and paper


8″x8″ oil on gessoboard – SOLD

I’m in Bath today so had to get this one out early. Hoping to paint on my way home but let’s see what the weather brings. Glorious city, glorious countryside.


Blue jug and garden plums

I’m thrilled to say I’ve just found out that I’ve had a painting (Turnips) accepted for the Royal society of Oil Painters exhibition again this year. The trouble with notifications day is you can waste hours on FB checking out which of your friends also got in because the PV is such fun! So anyway, on with the blog. Last of the plums although, truth be told, these went in a crumble a while back but I’ve been doing other painting in my studio today. Abandoned the idea of plein-air…rain stopped play.
£90.00 8″x8″ SOLD