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Snowdrops 2

Oh this glorious sunshine is doing the soul some good!  The snowdrops in my garden a fairly twinkling.  I couldn’t resist doing another one.  Bubba has been out sunbathing in the garden for the first time this year. It must have been exhausting as he’s sparko in his basket now.  It’s a dog’s life.
Incidentally, I’m painting up a storm ready for the Surrey Contemporary Art Fair on March 15th-17th where I’ll be standing waiting for you in my best bib and tucker (well……..I’ll do my best). I have free tickets if you’d like them.

9416, snowdrops 2

20x20cm oil on board-SOLD

Last of the snowdrops

I think I’m done with snowdrops now for this year.  They’re here for such a short time that I can’t help but make use of them whilst they’re around.  More snow coming apparently……….I’m done with that too!

1876 last of the snowdrops

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard – SOLD

Snowdrops in blue cup

I hope all you mummies out there had a lovely day yesterday and were thoroughly spoilt.  With the rain back today, it’s feeling a bit grim but there are still snowdrops in my garden and signs of other things coming.

I also managed to plant my three new roses, bought especially to paint later on in the year.  Desdemona, Claire Austin and Sweet Juliet.  Delish!  Prepping boards this afternoon……groan.  I’ve posted information on new workshops on my website workshops page.  Two new lovely venues so do take a peak and email me if it floats your boat.

1875 snowdrops in blue cup

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard


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Snowdrops on my palette

After a lot of indecision this morning, we finally had our snowdrop workshop today and hopefully, everyone’s managed to get home safely.  I did this the other day when I just thought……hmm.  No pots.

Tape them to my board!  Hoping to paint some snow tomorrow although, it doesn’t seem to want to settle.



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Snowdrops in a square pot

It was touch and go last night whether we would have to cancel the workshop today but, not a flurry in sight, we all managed to get there and the workshopees made some brilliant work.  It warms my heart when they say they’ve learned lots and go home happy bunnies.

Another one booked for tomorrow, snowdrops this time but I’d prefer snowdrops without the snow tomorrow.  On Thursday, bring it on!  Want to get out there and paint but tomorrow, just want to get all my lovelies there and home safely.


20cmx20cm oil on canvasboard


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Helllloooooo.  I’m back after an extensive leave of absence.  That’s quite enough time spent on boring admin, readying, hanging two exhibitions, sorting painting holidays, tax returns, commissions and general faffing about.  Sooo happy to be back to normal.

Well, I say normal but I have my spring workshops tomorrow and Wednesday, that is if the beast from the east doesn’t mess it all up.  So far, so good here.  Not a flake in sight but the BBC would have it that we’re heading for Amaggedon so it’s not all over yet.

I may well eat my words.  Anyone, onwards and upwards.  I’ve had Snowdrops in the studio these past few days and here’s the first warm-up exercise……..ooh, it’s good to be back in the saddle.

1869 snowdrops

20cmx20cm oil on canvas board-SOLD






Doris is giving my studio a real battering today and I’m slightly anxious about the large tree next to it! Bubba was less than impressed on his walk today too and turned round pretty pronto.  Sensible dog.

I did manage to grab some snowdrops though before they all get blown away.  I do hope this blows over soon, if you pardon the pun.  Just to let you know, I have a couple of places left on my March 27th workshop if you’d like to come and join us.

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1779 snowdrops

20cm x15cm oil on gessoboard

Snowdrops and cornishware

Bags are packed and I’ll be flying back to Pakistan in the next few days. After a few days of washing/repacking, I’ll be heading out with Jobbers to Myanmar for a couple of weeks R&R and painting! Not sure what the wifi situation will be but will blog my paintings wherever possible. Looking forward to some sun and the odd temple.
Back later……

1690 snowdrops and cornishware

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard-SOLD

Snowdrops 2

Well I didn’t get any painting done yesterday but I did have a lovely day. Shopping and lunch with a pal in London, followed by a trip to see the Monet to Matisse at the RA (a must – I urge you to go!). It was lovely to see so many fabulous paintings including Sargent, Sorolla and even my favourite William Nicholson whose Miss Jeykell’s garening boots was given pride of place on the theme of gardens. I think my favourite garden painting was Green Wall by Santiago Rusnol and of course the sublime waterlilies by Mr. Monet. Anyone else been? Which was your favourite. Onwards after that to the Artists of the Year Award PV at the mall galleries. Didn’t come home with silverware but very honoured to be short-listed. Congratulations to the winners, you can see a lot of the work here http://makingamark.blogspot.co.uk/ (including my turnips on the wall, second photo) courtesy of the wonderful Katherine Tyrell whose blog is well worth a follow.
So…….more snowdrops.

1689 Snowdrops 2

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard

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Ooooh it’s so nice not to be tearing around the country like I was last week. Back in the studio and loving all the snowdrops on tap in the garden. Big day out in London tomorrow (I know, I’m such a hick!) so no blog but back on Wednesday. Hope you enjoy this little snowdrops sketch – happy birthday our lovely Jean, wherever you are.

1688 snowdrops

20cmx20cm oil on gessoboard

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