1781 demo piece


New Workshop Dates!

4th/5th/6th November 2019.

£95 per day or £270  for full course

at Yardley Hastings Arts Centre

 (which includes the cost of  materials and artist quality oil paints which make for much better work!)

Are you terrified by the prospect of painting in oils and don’t know how to start? Would you like to give it a try before buying the equipment?Each day will hold invaluable lessons in oil painting.  If you are intermediate,  you may wish to do days 2/3 but it’s recommended to do all three if you wish to get to grips with the medium and method properly. Day 3 will be a chance to work on your own chosen set-up with guidance from Penny which will be very different to the prescribed exercises on days 1 and 2.  It’s important to be able to work autonomously to put into practice the newly-gained knowledge.

Day 1.

Introduction to the materials and method.

Mixing demonstration to familiarise students with fat-over-lean method.

Making and using a value chart

Tonal sketch of object in oils.

Discussion of chroma and mixing demo.

Day 2.

Re-cap tone and value chart

Discuss set-up, lighting and how to find an interesting composition from two/three objects

Demo followed by making a grisaille.

Demo  followed by adding colour.

Day 3.

Introduction to my working practice.

Still life of your choice:

Re-cap of what to look for in set-up.  Guidance on setting-up and colour-mixing.

Students to paint still life with guidance and demos where required.


Paints/boards/low odour solvent/medium/brushes will be provided.

Apron (or wear old clothes)

If you prefer to bring your own brushes (it’s always helpful to have good quality, unused brushes) then I can recommend Rosemary & Co:

Shriaz series:Long flat sizes 2, 4, 6 & 8 and Round size 2  (all long handle).  Alternatively, contact me and I can order you a pack.

For day 3 –  a canvas or panel (no bigger than 30cm either side) and your choice of subject matter although there will be objects/fruit/flowers available.

Please bring a packed lunch (although delicious lunches available at pub next door on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Venue – Yardley Arts Centre, Yardley Hastings, Northants 

Tea & Coffee available in the kitchen.

Bed & Breakfast info available from Yardley Arts Centre.